8 Tips to Make Your Drive Greener & Save on Gas

Next time you grab your keys, keep these top tips in mind to reduce your carbon footprint and save money! 

These simple tips should help you keep the environment in mind and save on gas: a winning formula!


1.  Say goodbye to winter and switch out those winter tires – Proper seasonal tires will provide optimal rolling resistance as well as peak stopping performance

2.  Light on Your Feet: These five driving techniques will help you maximize your vehicle’s fuel efficiency: (a) accelerate gently, (b) maintain a steady speed, (c) anticipate traffic, (d) avoid high speed and, (e) decelerate carefully

3.  Can You Stop? Have your brake system inspected every 8,000 kilometres, and change your brake fluid every 48,000 kilometres

4.  Gauge Yourself: The sticker on the inside of your vehicle door jam - and NOT the pressure indicated on the tire itself - indicates the optimal tire pressure for your vehicle based on factors such as size and weight

5.  Size matters: Altering the overall tire height of a vehicle will change its efficiency and performance. Check the manufacturer’s recommended tire size for your vehicle

6.  Such a Drag: Reduce drag and weight – Remove non-essential items, roof racks, and cargo boxes whenever possible to optimize the aerodynamics and the weight inside your vehicle

7.  Time for a Change: Get an oil change – Change your oil every 16,000 kilometres or 12 months, using synthetic oil, and use Toyota Engine Oil System Cleaner every 60,000 kilometres

8.  Breathe Easy: Have your engine’s air filter inspected every 8,000 kilometres. A dirty filter constricts the engine’s ability to breathe, hindering its efficiency