Once A Toyota, Always A Toyota

A Toyota Certified Used Vehicle is, first and foremost, a Toyota. From a meticulous 127-point inspection to a free tank of gas, a Toyota Certified Used Vehicle will provide you with unrivaled peace of mind and years of satisfaction.

127 Point Inspection

Each and every Toyota Certified Used Vehicle goes through a rigorous 127 point inspection. Your entire braking system is examined thoroughly to ensure it operates at peak performance. Similarly, the tire and suspension systems are looked over for excess wear and tear. The vehicles heating and cooling systems are examined from the AC unit to the interior vents. The interior appearance and condition is checked and cleaned. Of course all the lighting systems both inside and out are checked as well. Those are just a few of the examples of the many many items that we look over.

Warranty and Exchange

Every used Toyota vehicle that is purchased comes with 6-month or 10,000km power train warranty. That warranty is backed by Toyota themselves and is honored at most Toyota dealerships across the country. If you do somehow have a major problem, feel free to come back for warranty. In addition to the warranty service, each Toyota Certified Used Vehicle comes with an exchange program in the first 7 days or 1,500km. In that period you can return and exchange the vehicle if it just wasn’t quite what you were looking for.

Roadside Assistance

Each certified used vehicle also comes with a free 1 year subscription to Toyota’s Roadside Assistance. This service is valid across Canada and the US if you happen to be travelling. So drive with confidence knowing Toyota has you covered.

Club Toyota

Club Toyota is a membership group dedicated to helping Toyota owners. They provide updated information related to your vehicle as well as tips and tricks for caring for and getting the most out of your Toyota vehicle. Also Club Toyota members will get access to special promotions on parts, services, or even a new Toyota vehicle.

Used Vehicles at Erin Park Toyota

At Erin Park Toyota, we are happy to provide a wide variety of Toyota Certified Used Vehicles. Come down to our dealership, located at 2411 Motorway Blvd, Mississsauga, ON to view our immense inventory. We are open Mon to Thurs from 9 – 9 and Fri to Sat from 9 – 6. You can also give us a call at (905) 828-7711 if you have any questions regarding Toyota’s top quality Certified Used Vehicle program. Our staff are happy to assist you in any way we can so you can have confidence in your new used vehicle.